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A Template Reading

The Highest Standards, Principles & Progression Rate
Your holographic-organic energy system goes beyond the current body, and it must be modified to bridge with the template behind your physical form, as well as with the human mind and heart field (positioned around the thymus), to be able to transform the unwanted or less functional forms of genetics in the template. The goal is to transform these to their highest potentials of the original humanities of this reality field, all in all the work to realign with the highest energetic standards, the highest principles and the highest progression rate.

The chosen life should honor the genetic composition in the template, to avoid creating distortion energies which means that the consciousness genetic lineage should be known and from that understanding adapt the energy work and expressed life according to the composition to outlive the potentials of the genetics in the template into the physical form.

The work with the template is a matter of taking responsibility for creating and honoring life in this solar system, and bringing your body-template connection back to be able to unfold potential life, energy and consciousness in the current progression cycle as manifest or expressed life. Not only as a trinity of darkness, light and integration. Or male, female and child. Or good, evil and neutral. We are to go for the highest progression rate (consciousness integration via the brain field), the highest principles (correct interaction potentials with our system via the sensing level in the heart field) and the highest energetic standards (expressed manifest form from the other two – energy and consciousness – creating our physical form), our system offers.

The progression cycle of life goes from potential life, to expressed life, using energy and consciousness to do so in a moving forward progression, leading to higher potential expressed life of consciousness and energy. That is the outgoing spiral, generating more life, energy and consciousness as the potential life is pulled into our physical form by the different forms of energy we use (developmental programs in our system interpreted as perception of our reality inner and outer), and the consciousness that is developed from that use into our brain expanding its perception sphere into higher ordered systems, ranging from personal, to others, to societal, to systemic, to universal and so forth.

Thus, set the intention to get rid of
1) All prohibitors and blocking in brain and heart field.
2) Clearing of parasites in the purity square, i.e. the organ area below the heart bringing the energy production down. These mainly originates from wrongful use of emotions as well as wrong diet.
2) All limited belief systems and emotional settings, causing restriction in perception and thus lowers the correct forms of energies in the brain.
3) But most important: Go for the activation of your own template that leads to the highest progression, highest principles and the highest energetic standards of the full human template. These will push out all the other stuff.

The basic template
1) The brain field
The consciousness genetics are unfolded into the brain field, once recreated, stemming from the higher version human we used to be, here or elsewhere. The higher level of the template controls the hologram behind the brain, and is linked to the higher energies of the heart field.

2) The heart field
The middle level of the template can be accessed by recreating the heart field, if the bio-genetics in the physical heart and thymus are activated. Otherwise both of them run on frequencies and emotional energy, and will only express lower order emotions. It is not able to work with the higher progression energies of the evolutionary cycles, as it was supposed to do (the true function).

3) The base level 
The basic level of the template controls the electromagnetic energies (3rd cycle progression energy) the body is composed of. The base level of the template is composed of frequencies, codes, alteration codes and releasement codes which all are part of the bio-DNA composition.

The template reading
The reading is made to understand the genetic and energetic composition you have in the template hidden in the higher progression energy fields behind your organic form. The human organic form is composed by the lower order human bio-DNA running on the 3rd progression cycle electromagnetic energy. Onto the bio-DNA are added overlay higher order genetics, some as part of the ancient human projects that are still present in our reality in the 4th density aka the original 4th progression cycle of our planet, others are from the 5th density, aka the 5th progression cycle and up, represented by the stellar constellations around which many planets are positioned. The stellar level is also called the systemic level of the template. The physical form is thus the planetary and the higher levels of our energy system, are the systemic.
The first level of the progression work is to get control of the mental and emotional fields, and then to re-create the heart field. It involves clearing out all the illusions in the distortion fields (energy patterns in the emotional and mind-field generating the subconscious), the work with past life memories to clear out the energies of these, clearing out of ancestral lineages, removal of the parasites and implants in the higher order levels of the energy system (the template) and then begin to work with the genetics as they unfold into our cleared mind-field turning it into the brain field, now composed of higher progression energy, revealing the content of the genetics. The genetics will only unfold their content if the heart field is able to produce enough energy to activate the genetics in the brain field.

In the template reading I define the overlay genetics and some of the challenges you are to face in your activation work. Most of the information given here will take time to get access to since these levels are hidden behind the distortion energies of the emotional field and mind-field. A lot have to be cleared out before you can work with the information in the template reading. Do the energy work in the above recommended videos to get started with the cleansing work.

The genetic structure and template
The genetic structure and template is part of a larger project that unfolded in the 1960´s to 1990´s in America, Great Britain, as well as other commonwealth countries under the umbrella of the Navy Seal American secret projects. These were instigated in the post WW2 era using the sciences achieved by the Nazis in Germany and their human experimentation with genetics, cloning, adaptation of glandular features to provide with a higher mental and bodily capacity, mind expansion, implementation of genetics from insects, animals, avians and reptiles to create a super aligned and strong human DNA. The American idea was to create a human that could participate in the upcoming times of space exploration, opening up to new realities using the idea of Einstein-Rosenberg bridges (time travel) and deep space explorations using new sciences facilitated by computers, artificial intelligence and high technological sciences, obtained by the excavation of the ancient crafts in the areas around Saqqara (the Nazis found these) as well as in the Nevada desert.

Many children were selected for the experimentation following the genetic structure of the mother, i.e. the mitochondria able to link up to, and produce the needed energy of the inserted insectoid, avian, mammal and reptile genetics as well as the genetics from the dead alien human bodies found in the crafts.

The first generation of Nazi enhanced humans was a success in the late 1950´s when the children under the different Nazi officers grew up and proved to function with their inserted genetics. Most of these children were exported, so to speak, to America with their parents under the secret immigration that took place from Nazi Germany to USA. Many of the highest ranked officers went there under the guise as fleeing Jews in the end time of WW2, and many of them are now – as you know – deeply integrated into the American society as the Elite. Some even used the early time travel experimentation, which is difficult to explain but time travel from one body to another goes with what is called quantum tunneling, where the current morphogenetics field, and genetics including personality, are transferred to an earlier version of the same body since the human bodies replicate due to the original template build up from the ancient human projects; mainly Atlantis.

Hence, most of the current templates of your age group are what I call Atlantean based, i.e. template structure that goes back to the failed Atlantean human projects holding Sirian, Arcturian, Orion and Pleiadian genetics.

However, the Nazis did not know of this template build up because that has never been “out in public” so to speak. But, this template structure allowed for the enhancement of the first Nazi children and the experimentation in American and Great Britain went for the specific type of mitochondria of the mother, indicating a type of cellular build up that would respond well to the modifications done through vaccinations using a special type of “brew” for the right children detected from birth when they do the blood taking on the infant child, i.e. the blood test of the heal. If the child had the right blood type, they were put into the projects.

Now, when did the Zetas come into the picture of this, and the other alien races that got “alarmed” by the Nazi experiments and activation of the old Atlantean templates which should have stayed dormant since Atlantis was taken out by a huge neutron bomb some time around 15500 BCE? Well, the dark ones, still actively present in our world at the time, were in over the Nazi scientists, in what we could call genetic overshadowing. Again, bloodlines connected to the old human races and the failed ones, of course. The Nazi projects were under the dark ones made as an attempt to provide them with a new body, which they lost the rights to in the taking out of Atlantis, which was their last chance to behave nice.

The dark ones stem originally from the Lunar Scheme, aka the Moon.

With the activation of the old Atlantean genetics in the Nazi children, old time lines got activated and that opened up the portal to the Zetas which then addressed the secret American military enhanced human projects and the Zeta infiltration of the military projects followed from that adding alien technologies, alternate realties and the lot, including men in black (part human part Orion) etc.

Where does this put you?
Your template is what is a later adaptation template. Its original composition was different. This means that the first version of you was part of the batch of humans that became part of a totally Zeta controlled future, where humans got enslaved and used for spare parts all over the negative universe, until they rioted some time in 2022 in the Zeta Rebellion, where humanity wins and get our planet back. No, that is not going to be our 2022 because our timeline is cleared of that possibility.

In 1989 (but administered from a future timeline of 2045) the remains of the American-British military used Zeta technology to travel back in time to correct Zeta-Orion-Grey enhanced Nazi templates used in the period from 1961 until 1989. Project Revival was a future human program to remodel the dysfunctional templates the Navy Seal-Nazi military co-op templates, described above.

In project Revival, from the future, infants, children and youngsters carrying these templates were pulled in during night time and altered. Help was provided from future Pleiadian humans that also had unfolded from the Zeta-Orion-Grey experiments in our system. You are such a template and child.

They succeeded to some degree with the remodeling of the Zeta-Orion-Grey templates but not fully and that is why your template is partly functional. However, it will never reach its original purpose and thank goodness for that. The goal for you is to get rid of these genetics in the clearing work and from that begin the rebuilding of your energy system.

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