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How to build a UFO?

How do you build a UFO (an or a UFO)? 
That is a really good question. Not that I claim how to build one, since it all depends on the human or humanoid that is operating the UFO. So, let us explore that a bit. 

I have memories of knowing the most common types of UFOs in our reality, and will share that information here: 

The individual Pleiadian crafts are called Arrows (the big motherships are called Arches) and they are interactively connected to the genetics of the pilot or operator of the craft. When you enter into a Pleiadian craft, you become one with the craft. It merges into your energy system and from that fully integrated connection between craft and operator, the way to control it is through mind, sensation and intention; what you think will be unfolded into the craft. So, you jump "spaces" using the intention to do so including the interactive hyper dimensional space that exists between all reality fields. Using the word hyper dimensional just means above the dimensions of a reality field, which is to be seen as a classification system more than a form of differentiated space. 

The operator of the oldest forms of Pleiadian crafts could merge into full unity with the craft, becoming the craft because it was the most energy saving way of travelling, and when entering into a reality field - using the density energies of the reality to manifest a form - the operator would emerge from the craft in a cone of light, ground this to do the manifestation of a temporary organic vessel (after a survey and understanding of the organic forms in that reality) and from the cone of light, the organic form would appear. 

Since the Pleiadians used to be natural teachers (and scientists) - before the Orion-Pleiadian Wars - and the way they had a tendency in their human projects here in our reality to appear in that cone of light, many of them - in my opinion - are ground to the idea (a misunderstanding, naturally) of angels appearing standing in light. 

The Pleiadian crafts are made of a sort of holographic interactive technology which resembles a form of fluid metal - similar to the sensation of heated up Mercury - and its changeable all according to the density systems it enters. Hence the use and re-engineering of many of the captured crafts from the Orion-Pleiadian Wars, mainly done by the Orions as well as the enhanced human military covert operations in our reality, having bought these crafts from the Orions.

Without supporting or otherwise, I find the account of Joseph Smith very interesting and I asked two young Mormons that came by one day to hand me a copy of their book, and from that - just by reading the energy of it - I got sequences of a form of creational language. I debated the possibility with them that Joseph might had seen aliens and not angles and we had a great talk about that. Anyways I am no supporter of any religion, just to make that clear. 

The Jews have accounts of angels as well, and read with the glasses and knowledge of how the Pleiadians used to appear in our reality, well I find it easy to assume that Jewish accounts are talking about some form of alien intervention. Pleiadian or otherwise in the times when they were still showing themselves (allowed to interfere directly) in our reality.

The Reptilian crafts are less sophisticated and their technology is more rural and primitive. Its more mechanical and often built upon Orion technology using a sort of nanotechnology (aka the definition of a form of holographic-organic technology that is able to interfere and interactive with molecular or genetic structures) recognition center piece in the craft, which the driver connects to using his or her hands (reptilians have females too). 

Since the Reptilian genetic structure is different from many of the other humanoid races in our system, they are using the Orion nano-type of technology to connect and operate their crafts. Their genetics are built upon a sort of  a simple fractal structure, creating a restrictive energetic structure leading to the geometrical shape of their scales, whereas the human genetics can be adapted and modulated to higher forms of energy. 

The Reps cannot change their forms easily due to the fractal build up, which makes the whole shapeshifting out of question if the talk is about the oldest reptilian races, whereas the enhanced human military soldier programs, adapting the human genome to carry the reptilian genetics by the use of a holographic overlay system, makes more sense to the shapeshifting reptilians some talks about. These enhanced soldiers can shift between the states of human into reptilian, if needed by changing their genetic structure by the use of a holographic-organic device inoperated into the core of the brain, modulating the brain waves from the human spectrum into the fractal rural energy set up of a reptilian, and in a higher density field created by the human and adaptation technology, the shifting between genetic states becomes possible. 

Another answer to the shapeshifting reptilians could arise from the faculty of the observer being able to view the introjected reptilian genetics, which we see in some bloodlines, having injected (via a specific ritual) reptilian blood over an extended period to prolong their lives, giving them the "blue blood" and in that having adapted their human genetics into a semi-reptilian structure, which due to fluctuations in the energy fields of these "nobilities" create the shapeshifting abilities. 

The Orion crafts are based upon a sort of dark fluid metallic structure using symbols and a form of holographic technology I have little knowledge of. I do know that when in contact with the Orion nanotechnology the human genetics get infected and altered into a sort of dark matter state, where little to no adaptation of the human genetics can play out.

The Orion dark matter technology has been used in many infection and infiltration technologies in most of our system, changing the original Pleiadian and original human technologies in our system - build for the purpose and the good of the many - got changed into a weapon that took out both the old Pleiadian races as well as the first human projects in our system.

The Orion infection is also the cause of the adaptation of the Pleiadian genetics into a sort of AI technology using the original changeability of the old forms of Pleiadian technology (having, as well as the Sirian technologies, inbuilt genetics to store memories, information and knowledge of the individual) to generate the large AI cubes used to control our reality in the 5th density.

Many of the large AI cubes got used against humanity after the Zeta take over in 2001, which ended in a secondary timeline in 2022, where the Zetas were taken out and through time looping, the resistance movement reset the timelines to a new one where the Zetas did not take over the human races of our system. However, in the original Zeta timeline most of humanity in our system got taken out - hence the travelling back.

The Grey crafts, of the original Grey/Sirian B/Orion type, are called Jolts. Since the android Greys in our system function on frequency coding, their crafts are build up in a similar manner, using the electromagnetic grid (the inbuilt artificial 3D grid) to operate in our reality, shifting from the 4th density form of energy our reality is operating on in its original basic composition - going up to 6th density within this part of our solar system.

The Jolts can emit a frequency pulse as a weapon, hence the name "jolt" as in sapping large areas and in that take out the electromagnetic grids that are running our reality field today (glitches). They have also been used by the enhanced human military faction, along with the Grey themselves, to artificially keep our reality within certain reality programs such as the main alternate reality that was inserted into our true reality in 2013, creating an interactive simulation overlay program under the control of the enhanced human military, attempting to push all humans into their universal main timeline. We are officially out of that one again.

The Grey crafts are first and foremost to be seen as weapons. The sapping is also used on the other crafts that attempt manifestation in our sector of the reality field, we are part of. If they come in, manifest within the frequency grid and by that gain atomic or matter properties the Jolts are set in, sapping the electric field currents and in that deleting the electromagnetic field these crafts have build to be able to manifest.

The Jolts are also used to generate huge electromagnetic fields from here manifestation of e.g. the holographic chemtrail plans can operate in our reality. Note; normal planes emit similar contrail patterns, which lingers on too and due to the high level of pollution in the upper atmosphere these contrails do generate clouds and alters our weather. The holographic chemtrail planes carried nanotechnology sprayed over certain areas to do a biological upgrading, using the electromagnetic grids to alter the bio-DNA. All part of the manufactured alternate reality we were pulled into in 2013 to control and biologically alter the human genome to be able to respond and function in the alternate created reality (the mandala effect).

The photo on this page, credits to J.M. The best UFO finder - he gets them every time.

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