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How the Old Orion Technology to this day is Enslaving Humans

Let us begin with some concepts of energy
All energy is what I call holographic. Not in the use most sciences understand it today, but as energy that pertains its own layers within itself and from that multilayered build up, reflects the components into holographic interactive imagery using the reality fields to unfold as forms.

Sciences work with holograms from a 2D coded surface that is projected via a light source into a hologram.

Our reality does not need a source of light (or any forms of "Source" to initiate consciousness and energy) to spark to life the contained information in the units into the different fields, or layers, of the set up of our reality construction. Our reality can be viewed as projection fields of energy and consciousness expressed into different modalities, and each of these layers hold energy units or energy codes aka the creational language symbol system.

The purpose of the energy-code-projection fields is to enable the consciousness units to reflect and mirror their content into the energy fields having different forms of energy units and from there transform the consciousness units into a complex field of experiences and in that transmute the energy units to their highest energy potentials. This is the process of achieving the highest progression and purity rate of a field that can be obtained while in manifest form in a reality field.

A reality field is built up by energetic layers within layers and especially our reality field, our world, is built up by levels of manifested energy and then added the other layers of holographic energy into which certain developmental programs (encodings of creational language) to allow for the 3-12 layers of the original human energy system to unfold, project and mirror the consciousness units and developed content into manifestation.

Energy is thus used in both organic forms and the reality field these organic forms unfold into.

Watch the video below to get up to speed with the current events as well as how the templates were created and inserted to allow the "alien races" aka the stellar races to work here. It also explains why the ancient history is important because the goal of the story you are to read below is to give you the power to remove the technology I talk about, so you can free yourself. If you know its there, you can manifest it by your daily energy work, and clearing, so you can remove it.

Dating back to Ancient Egypt
Ancient Egypt is for me some 12500 years ago after the taking out of Atlantis from the High Councils of our solar system and the creation of the new human projects allowing the White Sirians, the White Orions and the Sirian As to do another round of human projects here. These groups of stellar human races, along with the full human overseeing races of our solar system (the ones that completed the first rounds of evolution in our solar system) joined forces once more to generate alternate human projects attempting to recreate the stellar human projects to develop their own lineages and genetics further under the more feminine races, aka the White lineages denoting a specific type of consciousness units that had a more holistic, group minded build up and purpose created as an attempt to counteract the dark races of their own system.

Of course, that collaboration did not last long due to the issues with these races and the White Orions (4th-6th dimension) being part of the human projects got taken over by their own higher dimensional groups (8-10th), having joined forces with the original "evil" lineages from Vega aka the top of all darkness in our system. 

The top has been called many names but in essence the top of darkness belongs to a small group of remaining old severe dark Vegan full humans, which worked in our system through a hierarchy of lesser developed dark races exploiting their own universal genetic lineage from Vega to Maldek, generating different forms of parasites and entities to gain energy and sustain the hierarchy of dark races to continue existence in their own 5-12th dimensions of darkness (the dark antagonistic universe). And in that self-serving existence turning everything around them dark as they connected and took over the lesser developed races in their system - and other systems - via technology, magic, symbols and field intrusion enslaving the races to serve for them. The dark universal scheme of antagonistic races chose to do the reversed progression creating dark consciousness units, which instead of emitting energy to create and amplify for the highest good of the many, absorb energy from the many to develop and sustain the dark energy system of the individual dark full human. 

This division of full humans happened in the Lyran system, where the full humans of the first rounds split up due to interference from other parallel universes beyond ours, already holding that form of dark consciousness, which "infected" the Vegas (the House of the Black Panthers were the first to go) and from that star, down to the other stellar races belonging to the Vegan lineages and Houses of full humans on Vega, overseeing the different evolutionary lineages springing forth from the Vegan Houses.

The Resistance Movement arose at the same time, to counter-battle the House of the the Black Panthers, and later on all of the feline negative human races of Vega, leading to some severe wars in the Lyran system. The first House of Lyra (the House of the Lions) participated in the Resistance Movement leading to the resetting in 1961, where the main goal was to end the old lineages of the Houses of Vega, working until recently through the Nazi descendants aka the Enhanced Human Military Projects under the Aldebarans and the Altairians, i.e. the Blond Faction behind the Nazi Projects - dating back to Ancient Egypt - to create human lineages that would be able to serve under these races as well as their Vegan top and from that pull their sector of humans into their new worlds since the Resetting would end their projects here.

All of these races, of course, collaborating with the secret Military (MiLabs) 1950-1980 operations 
that were under the Zetas (a negative Grey faction that goes back to the Vega system) in America, initiated by the Ba´al human lineages, going back to Babylon, as well as joining factions in old Europe. All in all, the current military projects under the Enhanced Humans that to this day have controlled the human world and finally selling humanity off into the 2013-2017 alternate reality programs with new forms of technology that also have to be removed; especially in the military project templates - things are of course changing; let us see what the Resetting will lead with the Enhanced Humans of which many have left and gone off planet joining the stellar human races they sprung from. 

Many dark technologies, focused on the energy harvesting to alter the energy units and sustain the dark Vegan top, came from the dark Orion system since they in essence were skilled at creating nanotechnology (holographic technology that connects to genetics and alter them) that would attach and attack the original full human (or human project) energy system.

Note: The full human energy system is built of energy and consciousness to develop the consciousness units into the dyadic structure securing eternity and the ability to generate human forms in all 12 universes and full human lineages connected to our system.

The dark Orions (known to me as the Enslavers) infiltrated their lesser developed brothers and sisters being part of the new human project of Ancient Egypt, using either the dark Sirian parasitic infiltration holographic technologies, where three symbols were inserted into the field of the template, and from these symbols a field was generated creating the infiltration snake and from that linked up to the I-Cubes of deceit, deception, doubt, dissolution, destruction, despair and finally darkness (the 7 deadly sins). 

A dark snake parasite nests in the head or heart fields (in the template) of the target, turning the energies in the heart field dark as well as generates dark thought forms in the manifesting unit, such as doubt, self-destruction, self-righteousness, self-justification and give images of deceit and pulls the inner sight into distorted images called deception. As the snake grows stronger it builds up more and more distortion layers in the template, and the heart field shuts down - drowning in distortion energy. In essence most of the negative and self-destructive energy patterns and emotions in the humans stem from these 4th to 5th density controlling parasitic snakes (of course, I teach in the HAL Basic class how to remove these). When these snakes are pulled out, most negative and self-destructive thought patterns and emotions will go - taking psychology to a whole new level.

The snakes could also be magically inserted by casting a spell (old Egyptian Magic performed by either the Thotians or the dark brotherhoods under the Ibis) on the target, and from that draw in the dark Sirian technology (the 7 deadly sins). If the snake in the head or the heart field is magically created, the neutralising spell has to be done; the un-uttering, the un-speaking and the un-doing, which can only be done by one that is neutral and has the correct standing to do so. Of course, most that have magically inserted snakes are higher developed humans - hence the spelling to take them out; so if you have such a snake, you will also know how to remove it (but beware not to utter the spell again even though you hear it in your head).

From the infiltration of the White Orions, of which many were separated from their organic form and energetically tied, via magic, symbols and field technology, to human projects instead of their original vessel, they had to be able to operate in our reality, the Sirian As fell to and the Osirians got free access to Ancient Egypt and the human projects under these races. 

Note: The Osirans (from Osiris-Isis-Horus group) came here first, bringing their Ankh technology (the Lazarus technology) that is able to regenerate genetics and rebuild the energy system in our reality - again using the energy of others. The Ankh is pointed at the target and from there pushes the soul into the Underworld, separating the body from the soul structure and in that gain the energies of the opponent. We have to remember that the dark races of the Vega-Nibiru-Sirius-Orion-Aldebaran-Altair-Maldak system were fighting among their races is common to gain energy, taking out each other; an in-fight we see to this day amongst the negative factions because they need energy to continue to exist here and in their own systems. In other words, they targeted the human projects to gain more energy to feed of and to keep themselves alive. 

The humans of our world, i.e. the biological form stem from these projects and thus we all have to some degree these technologies in us.

How does this affect us doing the work?

1) Those of us that have templates dating back to Ancient Egypt will of course have to work with our old vessels buried in the ground there, dissolving the holographic and energetic remains to free ourselves from whatever was done to us, to take us out when the Enslavers took over.

Then we need to work with the template level to clear out the distortion technologies, which can be multifaceted all depending on our genetic lineage, and what we were doing in Ancient Egypt at the time.

2) The descendants of the human projects of the time also have to do their clearing work. Many of these were targeted directly by the Nazi and Zeta military projects using the old templates of the post-Atlantis human projects due to their Orion insertions and old inserted technologies making it easier for the Zetas and the otherworldly current negative races to revive the old enslavement technology to link this up to the Zeta Main Frame and other sub-programs of these projects.

3) That of course, called in many of the old Orion races that took off with the fall of Ancient Egypt, having no need to work here any more since they got what they came for. Now, coming back since the 1980´s to claim their technologies and genetics back. The Orions are still here, pushing their work here to the limit, to get as much as they can before their gate close down and resets, preventing them from operating in our reality. We have the Zetas to thank for the re-emerging of the Enslavers in our system.

As we fight off these old technologies, their inserted genetics and the alterations done to us, we also recreate our original genetic set up, and that is our goal with this work. I will talk more about that in other posts and videos. I feel it the right level to end this post here.

However, the work we do, the clearing and energy work, is to recreate what we are and can become as the human universal race, we were supposed to become. And to get there, we have to free ourselves of the ancient submissive technologies of the Orions, the Sirians and all of the other races under the Vega Houses, enslaving and exploiting races in our universe to serve their own survival by controlling our minds and emotions in subconscious and energetic ways, which we will discover as we do the deep clearing work with our cells, the energy systems we have and if so, inserted templates to be cleared, and beyond this system to regain our full consciousness.

The time is up for most of these old races. They have - perhaps just for now - moved on or have dissolved their old vessels, they existed in getting ready for another round.

So, now its our time to catch up with what we are, and make sure that if they in any ways are thinking about coming back; they will have no access points to connect to here because we have cleared ourselves of all old technologies, symbols and genetics allowing for that.

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