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Disclosure 2 - The Humans from the Future Helping us?

The year we are in now, 2065 in actual energy setting and 2018 in terms of the way we count, is a crucial year. We have heard that many times. I remember people talking about how blessed they feel to be part of what is going on now; the changes in humanity, the awakening and the many ways this unfolds of proactions and counteractions by the different factions, which will do the awakening with us since they, as we are, have become an intrinsic part of our reality field, and thus have no where else to go.

The ones that could leave, connected to the past of our reality timelines, have retracted to their own universes to play out their eventlines there - and in that will come back from whatever they will develop into in these universes, using what they have utilized, grown and harvested here for their future human-humanoid races. We will encounter these races in the 2100 where new possible interaction possibilities will arise, all depending on what these races choose to do with what they have got from us.

Again, nothing is cut out in stone yet and they can choose to change and do things differently. Some of them will - others will not, and there are for sure prospected new wars in the future for us. As we understand that the actual year for us is 2065, the 2100 is not far away from us, and as the future eventlines of these races crosses our eventlines - as they unfold here with the integrated genetics in some of our children - we must for sure be observant of the fact that possible wars with these races are a possibility. Not that we will give it energy, but we are to make sure that we close all the doors these races have seeded into our reality so that they will not be able to come back, and that means that these children (and their parents) are to learn to clear out the genetics of their attributing races to their bio-DNA - if they are part of the child - and in that teach the child the progression ways. 

Now, there are many future humans, which have developed from our solar system. Past and present. In the current present, the original 2017 and not the re-looped under the inserted program under the Greys, a faction of humans (under the correct version of Steven Hawkins and his fellow explorers aiming at Arcturus) divided from the current humanity and clones were inserted into the alternate Grey reality of 2013-2017, imposing this group to divert the original human colonization of Arcturus. However, the original group succeeded.

The brain of Steven Hawkins was moved into a new body in the 1970´s under the positive enhanced human factions, pro-human colonization so to speak along with the other diverting humans of the time, choosing to go into alternate human versions of themselves and from there progress into other possible timelines, made possible by the very same alternate versions of themselves. Very much like we see in the movie Interstellar.

However, their prospected colonies failed and instead of having the human form, we know of, new genetic modulation became necessary and otherworldly genetics were implemented into their bio-DNA from a parallel universal 6th dimensional race sprung from the original Martian-Avian humans that developed in our solar system some 500.000 years ago - actual time.

That turned these humans into a humanoid-human species which, when we see them, appear as 6th density energy holding a mix of avian-human genetics. They can also take on the form of android vessels, if they choose to work more directly in our reality. They have actively been working in our reality since the late 1960 to balance out the effects of the different factions operating here, attempting to pull the current humanity into their eventlines, and in that, into their regressed universes to re-populate the old universes of the negative races since they got totally depopulated in the many wars - hence their projects here to rebuild their own system, exploiting the human race for their needs. If there are no organic forms in a reality field, it ceases to exist. Only if there are organic lifeforms as the base of a reality field, which unfolds as a spiral from low to high using the density energies to develop the races through the steps of the spiral, called dimensions, can that evolutionary lineage of humans or humanoids exist.

So, in essence, since the Arcturians have learned from their Martian-Avian human friends, direct interference is a no-go, but subtle integration of energy (code-streams) when needed to balance out a specific eventline is accepted and is considered non-interference.

In my opinion a benevolent race from any future or parallel universe, working here, is defined by its actions. And for me, a benevolent race acts in accordance to the laws of our reality fields (human evolutions), honor life by aiming at progression of energy and consciousness, see us as equals and treats us that way, as well as respect our sovereignty and individuality. Any assistance given must honor what we are and can become due to our genetics, and only amplify and energetically support (by infusions of code-streams) the original purpose of why we came here. Not alter us into something else to do the work of that race, their agenda or purpose here.

I can do my own evolution and awakening, thank you. But a little energetic help to balance out the counterforces is nice and the Arcturians are good at that, and very respectful in their assistance. And they always give a heads up when they are there. Showing themselves and the amplification of the heart field, which is their MO.

Note: Other alien races can amplify the heart field as well - easy to do - but the difference is that the Archturians give empowerment and the subtle kindness that is needed. The other races just play on the compassion feeling, making us all soft and mushy towards them. 

Personally; I do not need to feel compassionate and forgiving to a shitty race that have exploited me - and for certain not as an artificial induced state they impose on me. No, thank you. I will discern whom I will forgive, when I am ready to do so. And ONLY if the race that seeks my forgiveness truly shows signs of change, acceptance of me as an individual, That is not in any ways or forms manipulating me to fit their agenda, or objective with the communication. I dont need to "love" any race to communicate and find solutions for our futures together, as the new version of the Zeta-enhanced humans, and similar hybrid races are doing, and have been doing since the 1980´s pretending to be our mentors, and Elder races.

We can work it out, even though we do not like each other. Solutions will come from logical choices and understandings of what a reality field is, how it works and how humans, and other races, progress in such a set up. The work is also to become better humans, and for them too. That is part of it but most of all its a matter of solving the equation of existence, progression and development of the many human races, so that there will be a future for all of us.

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