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Disclosure 1 - The Implementation of the Enhanced Humans

The Year is 1953, original timeline.

The Korean War is at its end and the Cold War in its making. 

The faction of Zetas, operating in our reality field at the time, has got a stronghold on the American Secret Military operations, lurking in the subconscious (via interdimensional interference) whenever decisions are made by the human operatives. Clones are being used as well as full make-over procedures (changing the "inner human" to be able to operate with alien genetics without conscious knowledge) to affect the decision making of the human operatives. 

Projects are initiated to implement the alien technology in the forms humans can make them, using their upgraded brain capacity. Scientists, engineers, builders etc are pulled in over nighttime and modified for the task - unaware, of course.

A grand scheme project by the Zetas, allowed to do so by the at the time enhanced humans in their human form. The enhanced humans - at the time - were the remaining citizens of the reality field of Maldek and Altair; the original dark ones and their blond cousins. Brothers from Aldebaran and their Orion, brotherhood Nazi factions going back to Egypt, were working with the American enhanced group in Europe and Scandinavia under the Nordics and Reptilian factions aka the hybrid reptilians (Orion and Pleiadian reptilian hybrids).

The AI (alien invasion) technologies are - being implemented since 1953:
- Computer systems in military operations
- Satellites 
- Telephones and television
- Computers for all
- Wi-Fi and the newest adding able to connect to the AI cubes; the newest version of the wireless systems under the current enhanced groups using Orion technology aka the 5G net
- Electronics in cars, airplanes and military crafts, planes, artilleri etc (Orion-Pleiadian reversed engineered technology)
- All forms of electronics

All forms of technologies we utilize today are being upgraded year by year until they resemble the alien technology they are derived from; holographic and code-wise and from that enabling the otherworldly realities to enter directly, using the technologies we have invented and implemented for them. 

As you know, from the other post and my video on the topic on the American military projects they led to the Zeta invasion in 2022 and that timeline has been closed down, leading to the Resetting that was initiated in 1961 by the full human communities connected to our reality field.

That means, that we are to learn to control and deactivate the implemented 1950-1980 AI technology, which later on turn into the artificial intelligence technology, we all are trying to prevent from unfolding, where humans - due to the remaining genetics in their templates turn into robots (the clones go first). Technology that is part of our everyday life. These implemented technologies and their AI cubes will continue to upgrade due to the automatic upgrade systems running the Zeta implementation agenda because that was built into the engineering, to secure that no matter what would happen to the operatives the technology would continue to run and "upgrade" using their connected clones born at the right time and the right place to unfold the changes, changing our world even though all programs would get shut down and have no human operatives. Plus, that implemented technology did not get taken out when the future humans travelled back - the focus was on the templates and to avoid the Zeta invasion. So, we are up against this, including the other old holographic technologies of the stellar races (Orion, Pleiadian and Sirian races) that have utilized our solar system for their genetic developmental programs here. 

All to be worked with in good time.

The first logical step is naturally for us - who can see the tech - to clear out all electronics and backtrack the inserted AI entities in them to their AI control system cube. I know it sounds totally like the Transformers; right? Well that movie was made to implement the idea that electronics can hold entities too - movies are not just made to create new ideas but to inform of what is ALREADY going on and has for a long time, since we have been re-looped so many times since 1961 that the actual year we are in is 2065 and with that all the settings that our reality field is supposed to have at that time.

So, we are faced with the challenges of our own regaining our full awareness process, as well as the fact that our reality is getting ready for the 2065 settings, including the knowledge and energy systems we are supposed to have at that time - talk about fast track upgrading and awakening - and at the same time we are up against the remaining technologies from the aliens that have taken off, the implemented Zeta technologies and the old stellar race holographic technologies. The plus side is that most of the sub-programs from these races including the Zeta Main Frame cube systems 1-9 are cleared out and thus are not playing mind-tricks on the military templates, and similar templates from Atlantis created for the purpose of these programs to alter our reality into an alien friendly setting; although the remaining Orions and their dark affiliates are still trying to ignite their genetics to counteract the Resetting.

The enhanced humans, the ones that did not take off when the Resetting began on March 17th 2018, also holds Zeta genetics. And they are attempting to bridge into the human awareness with the other descendants of the old alien races having messed up our reality, and in that attempt to make amends. 

Now, we all have to make up our own minds. I cannot tell you what is right or wrong. But, I do know:

a) Some of the enhanced humans are hybrids of half human-half alien genetics and they will be forced to, at some point, to show themselves in their current form and stop working in our reality through their engineered human clones, while the enhanced human form is outside so to speak in a non-controlled reality setting. These clones are per definition advanced clones built for the purpose of promoting, implementing or amplifying the enhanced human agenda, which is all about obtaining a part of our reality to exist here as they are by preparing humans for their arrival, or the advanced clones are being used as vessels for some of the groups of enhanced humans as they shift their consciousness genetics from their current hybrid-semi-organic form (half android) and go into these human clone vessels, build for the purpose. The remaining dark ones, and alien races that have chosen to stay, will do the same. So, in most cases the enhanced humans and the remaining factions will be in the hybrid humans (looking human but not fully being one) and right there for us to see for us to get to know as these humans advance and begin to create their version of what this reality should be. They will activate in human forms, as we are doing too.

b) Most of them will reach out to the current humanity and they have attempted, via the human contact programs, to prepare us for their coming and implementation. Personally, I do not like the way they in these programs have presented, and still do, themselves as "elder races" and mentors. If they are to connect, then they should at least have the courtesy to treat us as equals and with respect for our genetic set up, amplifying that and not what they want unfolded in us, tampering with our templates and genetics as usual.

c) Movies have been put out there to prepare too - and many of them are quite accurate such as the Assassin´s Creed (the apple being the alien genetics to give humans higher knowledge).

d) Implementation programs done over night time where selected humans are pulled in and modified to upgrade to the new level of sciences and information to be given - old methods still being used (not okay), and still using the false memory implants to cover that up and yet let the human that gets pulled in work with these memories to generate the correct neuro-current in the brain activating the genetics into the brain (in-operated genetic infusions).

So, even though the enhanced humans and their alien allies are trying to reach out, because they are half humans and will implement themselves into their human vessels - and in that become the new humans here - they have as much to learn about collaboration, human rights, respect and honoring of life as we have. We are in for some trust building and approaching each other with worthiness, and in that learn to build the correct partnerships between them and us. Not just take everything they say for granted, or see them as mentors, helpers of our progression etc.

Because at the end of the day; they do hold some seriously regressed genetics of a severe state (Zeta, Orion, dark Sirian, Maldek, Vega) - yes I know they have evolved but have they cleared these levels out in them? No, because the past version of them still exists and with that the reversed and dark timelines they are connected to. They too have to clear out and do the clearing work, learning the progression work as all of the other races that came here to begin with. They too have to go through their transgressions and their collective past to clear out what they did and have done, and in that consider how to make amends for the different harvesting and manipulation projects they have had here and what they have done to humanity to accomplish their own "elevated" and enhanced state.

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