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Now, I have done this work for many years and yet - I will begin from scratch to get all on board. And, no, I am no easy read. I want to expand your current capacity to process information and with that comes a lot of new terminology and information you probably need some time to get acquainted with. But you will get there.

You can dig a bit into my work on my website A Higher Awareness Lifestyle and also watch my YouTube channels, if you are up for it.

You will catch up as you go along with the reading and get on board on my ideas. And why do I do this. Its time for changes. I want results. Practical, touchable results that are aimed at changing what a human is and what we can do with our reality by the use of our higher awareness and full brain capacity. This blog begins seeding the ideas for that change. All changes begin with new ideas of mind, which will alter the brain waves to accept another type of energy outside the accepted perceptions of reality aka the scale of density energies our world is composed of, leading to higher realities of existence, often called dimensions. 

So, with that in place. Let me begin from the beginning. Its like the video above. I have always felt this world was oddly boring, repetitive and in many ways out of sync. From early childhood and into my teens. I found the solution in reading books and later on, when the many channels on the TV became an everyday thing, I dived into the many movies giving me glimpses of worlds that could potentially exist and be, if only. 

The magnificent if only.........

What does it take to make our world resume its natural composition and prospected eventline of future development for humanity, sciences and technologies?

In terms of the human development of the psyche, energy system and abilities, we are so far behind. I have made my attempts to recapture some of the basic progression work in my classes. But we can push it to a whole other level. And we will. I am doing what I can to get there in terms of altering my body, my brain and my energy fields I am composed off to process energy units from the density fields of our reality as well as the holographic network energies, ranging from lower densities to the cosmological energy networks, all human can connect to, to develop an even more expanded awareness of what energy is, what worlds are and what the grand purpose of it all is. And all of this can be seeded into our reality to expand it energetically to allow us to expand our potentials as well as our abilities to use energy to create, manifest and generate whatever we want to unfold in this reality.

In terms of sciences, we are so far behind compared to the other similar human worlds, we are linked up to via holographic networks of energy and consciousness. And all of the sciences that these human worlds have developed and uploaded into the joint human world networks for us to access, embed and integrate into our brain field (holographic information processing unit) and heart field (energy processing unit), and from there by the use of the holographic energy network of our own reality field, unfold into new sciences that will change our world energetically. Of course, we will have to alter our brain structure to be able to access, process and integrate these otherworldly human sciences. It all goes with the development of the brain, the energy fields that compose the brain into the neurons and the energies it processes, beginning with the perception of the brain as a cellular modulation unit that can be upgraded by the use of higher forms of energy and intentional consciousness coding.

In terms of the technologies, we are also far behind. The use of chemical energy units to manifest and produce materials is very primitive compared to the higher density technologies, generated out of holographic energy units and coding using the holographic networks to unfold the intended purpose of the technology to alter, monitor, develop and unfold higher consciousness potentials.

In other human worlds, technology is used for progression of the human races in terms of developing the race into new levels of awareness, sciences and adaptation programs for developing the reality field further for the good of the many. Not the current technology we have here, made in the encasement of metals or plastic - all primitive materials - performing simple tasks. Not how things are supposed to be here. 

I know we can do it again, because I remember how the humans in this world were able to work directly with the energies of our world as it was in the 4th density and 5th dimension at the time. Naturally some of these human projects were under the "guardianship" of otherworldly humanoid and human races, using our reality field to explore the potentials here to sustain and develop their own worlds. And unfortunately, they have left behind some of their technologies, which are not all in the best interest of the future of the current human race.

But, we will regain the control of our reality. And we will get these foreign technologies cleared out of our fields, both the human energy fields and the ones that are inserted into the deeper levels of our reality, its grids and its holographic developmental programs; all engineered a long time ago by the Ancient Ones that build worlds and realities to develop human races, all forms of life and the ability to progress consciousness by the use of energy and the sciences that go with this understanding.

All done to honor life and ensure the human evolution across worlds and universes.

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