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The Engineering of Our Solar System

Our Solar System was developed by the Ancient Races that created our system as part of their newly engineered universe. 

Now, there are many universes, of which ours is one. In terms of understanding how to manage and develop our reality field, we have to understand what our solar system is and how it is engineered. How to master the energies here, and the consciousness, we can develop from that.

I have written about our Universe in my books, such as the Souls of Humanity as well as in Modern History, and for the full understanding and insight, I can only urge you to read these books. I also elaborate on this topic in the HAL Advanced Classes, so this article is just a sort of round up of previous work.

Thus, here I will give a short account for our understanding to that we can work with the new type of humans, we are to become. And I have added my new level of information to my earlier work.

In the distant universes in the proximity to our universe, the Ancient Human Races had completed their evolutionary cycles and where ready to move onto the next level of evolution; i.e. beyond the physical manifestations, using energy and consciousness to do so. 

In all forms of evolution, when one race is ready to move on, a giving over has to be made. A giving over is when a human or humanoid leaves a reality field, and to be able to release and move on, the gathered energy of that human or humanoid, including the technology and information going with that, have to be given to the ones that have chosen to remain and continue to work in that reality field.

Its like in a job situation, if you quit, you have to give over to the one that takes over your job. 

The Ancient Human Races had to do the same, and our universe and solar system became the point where the given over of energy, technology and information could take place, so they could move on.

Now, these races had completed their evolutionary cycles in full, so the given over was not a small thing. It had to be on a grand scale, and it was not just one race but several that were ready to move on. Consequently, they went together and created what is called the Work Stations. 

The Work Stations, of which there are 12, are what generate the Central Sun, i.e. the core of our reality that sets up the principles and their rays from which all energy, technology and information are administered. However, only 5 Work Stations are in operation today in the humanoid universal set up, creating the 5 timelines our current humanity need to complete for the full completion of the evolutionary cycles in our solar system. The other 7 Work Stations, timelines and human races, had completed in the first run through of our solar system before it fell under the hands of the regressed races during Atlantis some 50.000 years ago as the lesser developed humans of the first run through in the 6th cycle decided to reverse and alter all history of the remaining 5 timelines and their human projects. 

These 5 Work Stations were the ones that got infiltrated by the Negative Alien Races and taken over,  initiated by the future lesser developed humans of the 6th cycle of our solar system using the technologies of the 6th cycle to travel back in time and alter the 5 timelines and their connection to the Alien Sectors to invite them in, and from there were able to operate in our reality, changing everything to play by their agendas. Which of course were to take over our solar system so that they could generate genetics, energy, technologies and human bodies to be exported to their own depleted and ruined universes.

The 5 Work Stations have been cleared - mostly - and the Resetting will take care of the rest since the Resetting is administered and run from the Central Sun, aka the Work Stations. 

The Work Stations are highly advanced real 4th-12th dimensional facilities running all that you see as our reality, including the sky, the land, the ocean and the humans here. The Work Stations meet in one reality field composed of 5 sectors and that reality field, ours, is holographic, energetic and is run by advanced technologies to create the reality settings, unfolded from the 12 rays holding the energetic principles aka laws from which the grids of our reality generates the physical worlds we can take part of here - all in all originally 12, now 5, parallel timelines where we have, and can, unfold different forms of human existence, developing our energy system to generate more advanced consciousness. 

Our reality field is composed of 5 sectors
1) The Full human sector, which is the foundation of our current reality in the 6th-3rd dimension.
2) The Alien sector linking our reality to the Alien or humanoid Universes such as the Vega lineages (Nibiru to Sirius B to Orion, Aldebaran and Altair and into their Work Station, i.e. the "planet" Maldak), which is in the 5th dimension, i.e. the origin of the Negative Alien Agenda, but also the positive groups of Aliens, such as the Lyra-Andromeda-Pleiadian-Sirius A-Arcturus lineages. Most races of this lineage got distorted due to the take over by the negatives, but there are future versions of them that we can collaborate with in a positive way to develop our reality further.
3) The Android/Grey sector which is in the 5th and 4th dimension.
4) The Insectoid sector and their clans, which is in the 4th and 3rd dimension (the 3rd is a false dimension created to house the current reality).
5) The sum of these sectors, i.e. the future sector of the prior four meeting up there to complete their eventlines done in their own sectors.
(and of course, the dumping ground of the failed projects called "the Underworld")

The 12 principles, aka 12 rays of the Central Sun fuelling the grids of our reality, hold the information of the 12 completed Ancient Human Races and their knowledge. They imprinted all that they had learned into the 12 rays, to enable the new human races to be spawned from our solar system to use this knowledge in advanced teaching systems (the holographic teaching system, which is an interactive projection system), where the energy of the ray, and the reality we had chosen to be in, could be mirrored or projected to us from an interaction between our template, its energy fields and into the physical form, and from there into our reality mirroring back to us what we could work with to develop further. 

The developmental programs, following the principles from the Central Sun and the equivalent energy of the grid of the reality sector we are part of (today called countries), would determine the way our energy system would develop as well as what type of consciousness that could be developed in that sector.

All of these dynamics and mechanics will surface to us from within and how to operate and develop in our reality as we clear out our template, energy system and the three fields composing our current vessel. Read more about this here.

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